Friday, November 5, 2010

"Thank you for the invite to dance on Golden Streets"

This marks the fourth time (third consecutive) that I've missed American Halloween. But Europe is good to me and compensates by offering a whole week of vacation (ten days in France!) in honor of 'All Saint's Day' on November 1. Think of it as a religious interpretation of 'trick-or-treat.' You go to the cemetery, honor your deceased relatives, and, according to my friend, show off your new winter coat.

As I have no relatives in Luxembourg, living or dead, I skipped town in search of warmer climate.

And I found myself in Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean. According to maps and political boundaries, this is an Italian island, but ask anyone and they'll tell you it's a unique culture all on its own.

Miss Cafe Lux and I found ourselves strolling along the beach, exploring ancient ruins, singing with Sardinian guitar players and eating delicious food. It was beautiful, refreshing and so good for my soul to bask in the sunlight.

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Lux Lady... said...

Thanks for the lovely weekend as well!