Monday, November 8, 2010

The Expat Book Club

There are no words to adequately describe the wonderfulness of this book. Just trust me and read it tout suite.
"What is the Purpose of Art? To give us the brief, dazzling illusion of the camellia, carving from time an emotional aperture that cannot be reduced to animal logic. How is Art born? It is begotten in the mind's ability to sculpt the sensorial domain. What does Art do for us? It gives shape to our emotions, makes them visible and, in so doing, places a seal of eternity upon them, a seal representing all those works that, by means of a particular form, have incarnated the universal nature of human emotions."
~ Muriel Barbery
When I read that quote to pearrier, her immediate (and correct) response was 
" little art history sensitif girl."

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