Thursday, November 18, 2010

Autumn Swap

This year I participated in this wonderful Autumn Swap and had so much fun putting together some Luxembourgish comforts for another fantastic blogger.

Luxembourg is known for its dark, gray winters, so I became an expert on all things comfort food/drink/books/etc last Fall.

My extensive research led me to some of two of my favorite cozy haunts in the city:

 Chocolate and Company, for delicious hot chocolate in the form of Hot Choc Spoons. There are dozens of chocolatey combinations (some even with a little extra nip to keep the cold away). And if you're planning on stalking the royal family, this has the best view of the Ducal Palace!

And Oberweis, for its delicious pastries (fun fact: they are one of the official royal patisseries) and home of some of the best espresso in the country. They have a stand at the train station, and it makes early mornings that much better knowing I'll get to have some Oberweis java.

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