Tuesday, November 9, 2010


In, what felt like, the wee hours of Monday morning, my partner in crime left Sardinia to re-join the real world, and I was left to conquer the island on my own. Next stop? Bosa, a small village north of Cagliari.

The train ride was magical, weaving through groves of olive orchards and pastures filled with sheep and cows. And in so many ways the journey was just as important as the destination, taking in these images and moments.

And so, I arrived in Bosa, the colorful town on a hillside, overlooked by an ancient castle.

 Beautiful Bosa

 Yellow mums, the traditional flower to place on graves on All Saints' Day

 The Castello

Now, I should mention that here in Bosa, I found my latest culinary adventure. It made cow tongue and ostrich seem like small potatoes.  You see here on this little island, a local delicacy is cazu marzu. Directly translated this means 'rotten cheese' but in reality it means cheese with maggots. Live maggots.

Ask any Sardinian and they'll tell you, with a twinkle in their eye, that this is forbidden (technically it is illegal in Sardinia), after which they'll point you in the right direction to find this local treasure.

And then I was in a market in Bosa, with a jar of maggoty cheese and bread.

It might have been the thrill of tasting something forbidden (and possibly really disgusting) but trust me when I say it was awesome.

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