Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Am I a geographic?

The conversations as of late have led me to ponder some stuff...

1. My generation is an increasingly globalized one. The number of classmates, friends and acquaintances that have moved far far (and sometimes very far) away from home is bigger than it would have been twenty years ago. We want to tackle the world, go on adventures, make our mark! ...but what about this pesky business of friends and family? I've been realizing that even one and a half years later, that little place in your heart still yearns to be home sweet home.

2. My colleague, Al, is reading a book about the 'creative generation,' a new class of young professionals that are looking for more than a desk job, too restless to stay in one place in order to pay dues, then move up a few years later. They look to creatively contribute the the world, moving on if they're not satisfied professionally. True? Sometimes I think yes - heck, isn't this why I was set on moving half way across the world in the first place?

But it's dark, and snowy here in Luxembourg and it's the time of year I find myself missing Cleveland a little bit more that usual.

On a happier note...

I've finalized my plans to visit Kazakhstan (and Marissa!) at the end of March - I can't wait to squeeze that girl :)

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marissa eve said...

kindred spirits !!!!! i can't wait to see you :)