Thursday, September 25, 2008

And the ‘goodbyes.’ I don’t even know how to begin. I have been blessed to find a community of people this summer who have been so supportive, encouraging, and wonderful. Without turning into a sap, I have learned so much from everyone with whom I’ve formed a relationship (co-workers, bay village folk, family): if you only knew how many times this summer, I’ve sat back, inspired by your actions.

A girl I worked with a few summers ago told me that she never said goodbye, only “ I’ll see you when I see you” – it made it easier and I found it optimistic. Months later, I told a friend about this, and conversely (to my surprise!), he found it almost rude. He noted that we say “goodbye“ to acknowledge the role someone played in our life and that now, it will be different without them. Sometimes it’s a ‘good ridance.’ But right now, it means “it’s been a pleasure.”

And so, until we meet again,

Au revoir, mes amis

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