Monday, September 8, 2008

19 days away?!?

well, here I am, only a mere three weeks away from France! Two weeks ago the beautiful K(c)ates and I made a whirlwind 36 hour trip to Chicago to visit the French consulate so I could get my long stay visa.

1. visited three sets of extended family members
2. reunited with college friends
3. obtained a visa
4. played in the fountain at millennium park
5. discovered the worst fye store in the world, but ended up with an amazing panic-at-the-disco string quartet tribute album
6. discovered that my glasses prescription is a little of date due to a few...driving mishaps...involving curbs and wrong turns

my travel companions were 'parfait,' soothing my nerves, navigating, and providing amazing company!

now I'm trying to make sure I've crossed everything off the list that I started making in June:

plane ticket - leaving sept 26!
visa - in my passport!
place to stay - living at the school in rochefort for the first part of my stay!

I still need to:

open a french bank account
get a french cell phone
figure out the french welfare system - aparently i'm eligable? why not?

for the time being, while I get everything in order I'm doing some additional research that invovles french film, brie, and lots of red wine... :)

a bientot mes amies

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Annie said...

i'm going to abu dhabi...and youre going to france. I love it