Tuesday, May 3, 2011

le printemps francais

Et Voila: spring scenes of Normandie in April. A region characterized by clouds, mist, and striped shirts, the sun was an unexpected (albeit pleasant) surprise.

Right now the fields all around Europe are filled with those yellow flowers - patch after patch, brilliantly contrasting with the rich green. They represent the end of winter, a breath of fresh, warm air, and the beginning of glorious spring. So badly do I want them to stay. I know once they fad, it will be almost time to go home.


laurabelle said...

ahh the colza. i miss the view...not so much the smell and pollen overload.

Lux Lady... said...

Gorgeous photos, ma belle! I hope the yellow flowers never fade. :(

Anita Dore said...

those peonies are CRAZY GORGEOUS. and you captured the delicate and vibrant beauty of spring here. bravo!