Thursday, May 26, 2011

The countdown begins...

There has been silence in this space for the past few weeks because, in typical world-of-academica fashion, there has been a transfer of students; season veterans leaving, overwhelmed newbies arriving with a healthy does of goodbyes, welcomes and hugs mixed in.

Also, there was a quick little hop over the pond to hug a very special sister who was graduating from university.

So. I'm back in my little apartment in my little Chateau. For just a little over six more weeks.

And then? Then it will be back to the good ol' mother land, the country of bbq sauce, bagels and every variety of Mexican food your heart could dream of.

And, as with all transitions, saying hello to a new adventure, means saying good bye to a place that has become so familiar and dear.

 But hey, isn't that the best excuse to really live it up? Carpe diem, live each day as its your last, dance like no one's looking kind of 'living it up'?

And if that means going to the gelato shop down the street every day, I'm in.

So stay tuned folks...there's a lot on the docket - new places to explore, old haunts to revisit, many glasses of wine to share with friends. It's going to be one helluva summer.


Mom said...

We are looking forward to having you in the land bagels and big cups of American coffee!

Anita Dore said...

methinks you're gonna have a real good time before leaving Luxembourg. And i'm sure your Ohio homecoming will be very sweet too. :)