Friday, May 7, 2010

Another year, another country

Once again I find myself surrounded by mounds of stuff, piles of clothes, and a growing mountain of trash.

The school year is over, the students have left, and it's time to return to the United States. I'll be back in August, but because my apartment in the Chateau is being used in my absence, I needed to move out. Once again, my life has retained it's familiar cycle - saying hello to new adventures in August, and then, saying good bye to lovingly familiar places in May.

As I removed the post cards, concert posters, and photographs that I've tacked to the wall, I couldn't help but think about how incredibly blessed I am.This has been a year of art museums in Luxembourg city, Jazz concerts in Rotterdam, Monet's lilies in Giverny, and ancient cathedrals in France.

My overwhelming gratitude runs deep.

Like each new stage of life, this one was a transition. There were growing pains, tears, frustration...and then...understanding. And appreciation. And finally, before I knew it, I was living my life here.

Three and a half years ago, I was 20 years old, walking down the street, in search of a croissant, my hair braided (still a little jet-lagged), the sun shining, and my heart so very full. 

Somehow I found my way back to this little piece of the world, where I've learned to live la vie luxembourgeoise. And though it hasn't been without challenge (and a little heartache), it has been so lovely.

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Carrie Engelbrecht said...

Change has been a part of your life since Miami. Looking forward to seeing you one Sunday!!