Saturday, August 15, 2009


home sweet home, circa a century or two ago

And so, the adventure continues. I'm in Luxembourg, drinking a large glass of Cote de Rhone, nibbling on cheese and bread, finding myself appreciating the strange familiarity of European life. The bells are ringing outside my apartment, I hear children playing soccer outside, off-tone ambulance sirens periodically interrupting, and I realize...this is my life. For the moment anyway.

My living situation has changed 180 degrees from that in my French life. For starters, I live in a Chateau. And let me tell you, nothing makes you feel like a giddy little girl quite like exploring a large 14th century house when no one else is around.

I should also mention that my goal for this upcoming year (after a somewhat 'basic' year) was to have a table. And chairs. And if possible, more than one fork. I'm happy to report that all goals have more than been met!

Today I walked around Differdange and found myself under a tree in the park, reading. Sitting there, I heard French, Luxembourgish, German, Italian, and suddenly, I didn't feel like the outsider. Maybe because I am a foreigner in a country of immigrants, or maybe because I am living where I first found myself in Europe. And here, in this little town in Luxembourg, I feel like I am reunited with someone I said good-bye to three years ago: wide-eyed, ready for adventure, believing in limitless possibility.

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