Sunday, April 24, 2011

Camino de Santiago

"With scarce belongings on your back
And enormous heritage in sour soul. 
Free from material things,
You greet many people
And love even more,
Free from material things,
You smile to all
And give away good wishes.
This is how you will climb and climb.
Feet firmly on the ground
Walking to your dream.
Pilgram, walk in freedom,
Walk without your belongings.
Pilgram, always towards your destination,
But never alone;
You encounter many in your way
And they remain in forever your heart.
You carry them in your rose-scented hands,
With which you give not only objects
But also joy.
Pilgram, may God remain forever
Wherever you transit."
:from a small spanish Church, on the way of St. James. 

With a seashell on my backpack, I joined centuries of men and women on the spanish path towards Santiago de Compostela.  Words cannot describe that week on the trail: the rain, the people, the landscape, the struggle, the joy. 

I feel so incredibly humbled to be a small speck in this tapestry of stories, of pilgrams, who have been making this journey for hundreds of years. 

God is good. 

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Carrie Engelbrecht said...

Love it!! Mom