Tuesday, February 17, 2009

la vacance de fevrier

Well, once again it's time to go on holiday! This Saturday I'll be leaving for Gascogne, a region in the south of France. Miss L. Smith and I will be Wwoof-ing for two weeks on a small vineyard/sheep farm, collecting interesting (I can only imagine!) stories and wonderful experiences.

Wwoof is an organization that is dedicated to networking in around the world through an exchange of skills. Their website states "WWOOF allows volunteers to stay on organic farms and join in with the various projects hosts are busy with. There is a variety of properties spread throughout France, in which organic growing plays some part."

So stay tuned for the next post, detailing our adventures! Laura and I are hoping to make some new French friends, discover a new section of the country, and of course, have plenty of opportunities to sample the wine!

image courtesy of www.eddieross.com

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